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27th Festival of Homiletics - 2019 Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"

  • The Festival of Homiletics is a weeklong conference that brings together top-notch preachers and professors of Homiletics to inspire a discourse about preaching, worship and culture.
  • Lectures and worship services are open only to paid participants to maintain adequate seating for all of our registered participants. Single day registration is available to accommodate spouses or visiting guests.
  • We will not be recording the workshops to create a safe space for personal interaction to take place. 
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"Workshop: "More Than Just Information: Preaching for Spiritual Formation"" by Rolf Jacobson

05/14/2019 10:00AM—Westminster Hall, Westminster Presbyterian

Presenter: Rolf Jacobson

Title: "More Than Just Information: Preaching for Spiritual Formation"

Description: A great deal of preaching seems only to be information.  Vital information, to be sure, about who God is and isn't, about how God's people are to live, and about the creation in which God and God's people dwell.  One reason for the heavy emphasis on information is that after the Enlightenment, belief in God has often been reduced to granting intellectual assent to doctrinal propositions.  And that is important, to be sure!  But preaching must also form people spiritually--shape them in the spiritual practices with which to practice the presence and life of God.  This workshop will focus on who preaching can be about formation as well as information.