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  • The Festival sessions  will be recorded by Community Brands - Freestone Learning Management System, not the Festival of Homiletics or Luther Seminary. These include all lectures and sermons, unless otherwise noted in the program schedule. Workshops are not recorded.
  • 2019 prices as follows:
    • Full Festival Package:                      Podcast: $300         MP3 Audio CD: $300

    • Individual Lectures and Sermons:  Podcast: $10.00      MP3 Audio CD: $10.00

  • Special Offer for 2019 Festival Registrants - Pay only $75 for the full package if you preorder when you sign up for the Festival! That's a 75% discount off the full package price of $300. Once the festival begins, participants are able to get a 30% discount using the code printed in the 2019 program. Continue to enjoy the 30% discount all year (Total Package Only).
  • Whether you order online during the registration process, once the Festival begins or completed a hard-copy order form during the Festival, please allow 4-6 weeks for order fulfillment.
  • Description of Media Formats
  • Archived recordings of the Festival of Homiletics from 2009-2018 are also available

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