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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Speaker Profile: Grace Imathiu

"Rev. Grace Imathiu is one who has clearly heard God's call to be a forth-teller of the Gospel. She understands that we have been given a message to proclaim. When on hears grace preach, one hears the word of God. She proclaims the 'biography of the deeds of God.' To listen to Grace preach and teach is to hear the words of the Holy Scripture come to life and become living words of faith and hope." - Dr. Eddie Fox, in an interview section of "Words of Fire, Spirit of Grace: 12 Sermons by one of the World's Best Preachers"


Grace Imathiu is a minister in the United Methodist Church. A native of Kenya, she is an ordained elder in the Methodist Church in Kenya. Imathiu was educated in Kenya, the U.S., Israel and England. As a preacher and Bible study teacher, Imathiu is in constant demand worldwide. She is especially a favorite among the youth and has been a preacher at the International Christian Youth Conference in and the National Christian Youth Conference. Additionally, Imathiu has led Bible studies and been a guest preacher at many conferences in the United Methodist Connection. She is author of “Words of Fire” and “Spirit of Grace,” a collection of sermons.

Festival Schedule

She will be speaking on 5/23/2013 at 11:00am at Central Lutheran Church in worship.

Additional Info

We are very blessed to welcome Grace Imathiu here in May for the Festival. We will surely learn much in the way of "Preaching with Holy Imagination" from her rich experiences and profound wisdom.

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