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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Pledging Allegiance and Blessings for the Latter Days: Luke Powery and Anna Carter Florence

Our time at Festival of Homiletics 2018 is coming to a close. In total, close to 2,000 preachers, vendors and staff have been a part of the week of continuing education and growth as public ministers of the Word. The final day began with worship led by Luke Powery and liturgy by Dawn Hand. Powery powerfully preached a sermon on “Pledging Allegiance” (Matthew 22:15-22). Who is it you pledge your allegiance to?” Powery asked those gathered.

We are conditioned to equate God and country,

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True Tales of Faith and Wonder, Rocking the Flock with Stories: Geraldine Buckley

Wednesday, participants enjoyed a lovely evening of storytelling from Geraldine Buckley on “True Tales of Faith and Wonder.” Buckley shared stories from her time as a chaplain in a prison in Maryland and the workings of the Spirit through the hospitality of a cup of tea. Those gathered were drawn into her gift for narrative and the session concluded with a standing ovation.

At Luther Place Memorial Church Thursday morning, Buckley led two sessions of “Rocking the Flock with Stories.”

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Identity Politics and the Pentecost Paradigm: Wisdom from Jacqui Lewis

Worship began at 10am with Jacqui Lewis at National City Christian Church, “Identity Politics,” Matthew 6:9-14. Liturgy was led by Josh Sommerville and Scott Simmons with music as a mashup with the Fleshpots of Egypt and Josh Sommerville. Lewis’ sermon was captivating with her embodied style of preaching as she led those gathered from images of soft pink sheets of a little girl to the proclamation that Black Lives Matter. Solidifying that prayer is an action. Love is an action.

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"Meat, Anxiety, Injustice and the Joker Amidst Class Warfare" : Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann began our first full day of the Festival of Homiletics 2018 leading worship and preaching on, “Meat, Anxiety, Injustice,” (I Kings 4:20-28; 9:15-19; Luke 12:13-31) with liturgist Brad Froslee at Metropolitan AME Church. Brueggeman explored in his sermon what it means to be a “meat-loving ruler” like Solomon, claiming meat as a status symbol in this story. And like many other status symbols, you tend to be left wanting more. But “not even Solomon, in

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Look Who's Joining Us for #Homiletics2018

Anthony Bailey
Craig Barnes
Eric Barreto
Walter Brueggemann
Geraldine Buckley
Mariann Budde
Diana Butler Bass
Anna Carter Florence
Sam Cruz
Maria Teresa Dávila
Ginger Gaines Cirelli
Cynthia Hale
Grace Imathiu
Rolf Jacobson
William H. Lamar IV
Jacqueline Lewis
Karoline Lewis
David Lose
Otis Moss III
Luke Powery
Richard Rohr
Matt Skinner
Shively Smith

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