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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"


Speaker Profile: Mike Slaughter

"Mercy is the driving force behind the call to social justice—efforts to bring freedom and renewal to the oppressed and broken. Social justice is not just about giving relief; it’s also about empowering the individual and entire communities. Often when we talk about social justice, we only focus on changing structures. But, if we only redesign the structures without empowering individuals within their communities, we fail to bring about systemic change." - Mike Slaughter, "Good News

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Speaker Profile: Barbara Brown Taylor

“In a quip that makes the rounds, Jesus preached the coming of the kingdom, but it was the church that came. All these years later, the way many of us are doing church is broken and we know it, even if we do not know what to do about it. We proclaim the priesthood of all believers while we continue with hierarchical clergy, liturgy, and architecture. We follow a Lord who challenged the religious and political institutions of his time while we fund and defend our own. We speak and sing of divine

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Registration Opens Today - Early Bird Special



Registration opens today! You can read more about registration here. Be sure to take advantage of the early bird special rate! If you are just tuning into this blog, here are two recent posts that you may find helpful early on: 

Speaker Preview list for the Festival of Homiletics 2014

Highlights of things to see and do in Minneapolis, MN

We hope you will continue to keep up with us here and on our social networking sites Facebook and Twitter as we look forward to the

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Minneapolis (and nearby) Highlights









When you come to Minneapolis for the Festival of Homiletics in May, if you have some extra time, there are many places to check out in this incredible city and the nearby metro area! We will have a few posts in later months detailing more thoroughly: things to see and do, food, the arts scene, and local charities. But here are three places (in no particular order) in each category to get you started! If you are a Minnesota native or have

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Speaker Preview for the 2014 Festival of Homiletics

PreachThere are many wonderful people lined up to speak at the 2014 Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis, MN! Below is a list of speakers (in the coming months we will have separate posts with more information about each individual speaker):

Barbara Brown Taylor

Mike Slaughter

Anna Carter Florence

Peter Rollins

Yvette Flunder

David Lose

John Bell

Lauren Winner

Walter Brueggemann

Karoline Lewis

Brian McLaren

Michael Curry

Craig Barnes

Angela Hancock

Grace Imathiu

Eric Elnes

Lillian Daniel

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