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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"


Social Media Highlights - Wednesday

Inspiring and thoughtful tweets from Wednesday -- search #Homiletics2015 on Twitter for more. 

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Workshop: Andrew Foster Connors

Earlier today, Andrew Foster Connors, senior pastor of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, offered a workshop titled, "The Transformational Word: Building a Sermon that Agitates." 

Connors encouraged preachers to "build a sermon that agitates," not in the sense of barking at people every week, but rather bringing forth truths that need to be heard, and making public questions people are afraid to ask. 

He professed that wrestling has a place in a sermon, not just in crafting

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Social Media Highlights - Monday

Inspiring and thoughtful tweets from today -- search #Homiletics2015 on Twitter to see more. 

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Bulletins and Handouts for the Festival

Here are PDF's of the bulletins and handouts for the weeks worships and workshops if one is being used. A printed bulletin will be provided at the venue as well.

Mon., 5/11 - 6:30 PM CP Bolz-Weber - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 8:45 AM CP Lewis - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 11:00 AM CP Miles - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 1:30 PM CP Foster Connors - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 8:45 AM TUMC Curry - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 1:30 PM TUMC Lundblad - Bulletin

Tues., 5/12 - 2:30 PM CP Kim - Handout

Tues., 5/12 - 6:45 PM

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