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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"


Evolving faith and the Empire: Wednesday at #Homiletics2017

“The Christian faith is evolving. It is always on the move.” Brian McLaren began his lecture Wednesday morning, May 17. Leading the audience through his thoughts on spiritual, theological and missional migration in our world McLaren reflected, “Maybe the problem is religion is organized for the wrong purposes.” For what purposes should the church, your church, be organized?

Over at Travis Park United Methodist Church, Bishop Yvette Flunder kept the audience on their feet with a pointed sermon about what true sanctuary looks like. Many church communities talk about starting ministries and reaching out to serve those in need, but Flunder said that first, “let’s look at our Nazareth and see if we’re creating sanctuary within our very homes.” You are supposed to feel at home in the church. If true, authentic hospitality is absent there, then you are hindering the power of love and the Kingdom of God.

Otis Moss III finished out the afternoon over at Scottish Rite Theater with a provocative analysis of the Christian church through an unexpected lens: Star Wars. Moss illuminated that as leaders in the Christian church in much of the world, “we benefit from the Empire even though we want to be Jedis.” In contrast, Jesus was the ultimate Jedi master, and though we like to forget it, Jesus hung out with a lot of folks with Sith tendencies, Moss reminded us.

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