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Atlanta Profile: Restaurants

While you're in Atlanta for the Festival in May, be sure to enjoy the great food this city has to offer! 

Aviva by Kameel

"In the Mediterranean, cooking is more than a job; it’s an art form.  Having grown up watching his mother cook in Nazareth, Kameel Srouji’s interest in food blossomed at an early age.  With the help of his sister, Aviva, Kameel opened Aviva by Kameel on October 8, 2012.  The name couldn’t be more perfect for the theme of the restaurant, as the translation of “Aviva” means spring, fresh, and renewal.  We only use the freshest, highest quality local produce, and all our meats are USA born and bred, without any extra hormones or additives.  You won’t find a stick of butter at Aviva, as we exclusively use olive oil for all of our cooking.  When you take a bite of our food, you’ll immediately notice something different, and that difference is passion.   Kameel’s passion for cooking is the one ingredient that recipes and culinary schools can never teach, and other restaurants just can’t mimic.  Take one bite of our food at Aviva, and we guarantee you’ll be back for more."

Capital Grille

"Historic Buckhead is home to the comfortably sophisticated Capital Grille steakhouse in Atlanta, GA. Fine dining, world-class wines, and valet parking await."


"When creating Ammazza, we wanted to combine 2 things people enjoy the most - pizza and beer - and put them in an open, neighborhood friendly space that invites people to come and go as they please. With a vast selection of over 30 well thought out beers, we then set out with an ambitious goal - to create the best pizza money could buy.

We worked with the simple truth that people recognize quality, so we decided to create a pizza using the beset ingredients. Instead of limiting ourselves to Neopolitan style or NY style pizzas, we had to combine the characteristics we liked from each style to create a truly unique pizza experience.

Beginning with the dough, which is cooked in a 900-degree wood fire oven, it includes Caputo 00 flour, fresh yeast, water, sea salt, and is carefully prepared as we let it rise for 3 days before serving it. Unlike true Neopolitan pizzas, we did not want to limit ourselves to ingredients that come from a single region in Italy. Though these can yield a great pizza, we found that in order to reach our goal, we had to admit that there were more fresh and more flavorful ingredients from other regions of the world - especially in our own back yard! As a result, we make our own fresh mozzarella daily and use meats cured and prepared by the Spotted Trotter in Kirkwood. Also, all pastries are made from scratch in house."

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