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Denver Highlight #4 - Charities

There are many charities and nonprofit organizations in Denver that are worth supporting. We hope you will take the time to learn more about some of them and share that information with others.

Together Colorado

"Together Colorado is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that unlocks the power of people to transform their communities through community organizing.  Comprised of 60+ congregations, schools and youth committees from Pueblo to Fort Collins and a growing statewide clergy network, we are building a moral and democratic voice in Colorado through a racial and economic lens.  Grounded in our faith and democratic traditions and in the everyday concerns of the people in our congregations, schools and communities, we train and equip faith leaders and volunteer community leaders to join together to resolve community issues on their own behalf at local, state and national levels.  Current key issues include education, health care, public safety, immigration, economic justice, and gun violence prevention.  Together Colorado was founded by a group of faith leaders in 1978 as Metro Organizations for People."

Energy Outreach Colorado

"Energy Outreach Colorado is the only independent non-profit in the state raising money to help provide home energy assistance to low-income Coloradans.


  • We help low-income families and seniors keep up with their heating bills and remain warm and safe in their homes.
  • We help non-profit and affordable housing facilities save energy, reduce costs and better serve their clients and tenants.
  • All consumers benefit when utility companies can reduce their write-offs and collection costs, lower demand for electric and gas consumption and decrease power generation."

Colorado I Have A Dream Foundation

"The Colorado “I Have a Dream®” Foundation (CIHADF) helps Denver’s most at-risk youth achieve their dreams through an award-winning, 12-year program of mentoring, academic assistance, life-skills development, cultural enrichment and partial scholarships for higher education."

The Women's Foundation of Colorado

"The Mission for the Women’s Foundation of Colorado is: To build resources and lead change so that every woman and girl in Colorado achieves her full potential.

These are our commitments to the women and girls of our state:

We will boldly lead systemic change that will advance economic opportunities for all women and girls in Colorado.

  • We will utilize exceptional research to build our knowledge base and guide our actions.
  • We will be a force in building up philanthropy that supports and advocates for women and girls in Colorado.
  • We will promote inclusiveness and be dedicated to diversity in the people and causes we work for, the partners we work with and the ideas we champion.
  • We will create strategic partners across the state in order to fulfill our mission."

Conservation Colorado Education Fund

"Conservation Colorado Education Fund is a grassroots organization that educates and mobilizes people to protect Colorado's environment and quality of life. We focus on reducing dirty fossil fuels and increasing clean, renewable energy; solving the climate change crisis; preserving public lands, clean air and water for everyone; and empowering citizens to engage in the democratic process. We collaborate on key environmental issues to find success at the state and federal levels."

Image Credit: Sureal Denver
Creative Commons Image by Scott Ingram on Flickr

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