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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"


A Preacher's Take on Going to the Mountaintop by Julie Adkins

I do believe that the mountaintop setting
is important, not so much because it brings one closer to God (as the Hebrews seem to have believed) as because it brings us away from everyday dramas and distractions.


Whether the mountaintop is literal or metaphorical,
there does seem to be something
about the deliberate act of removing ourselves
from the “everyday” that enables us
to listen more closely to God. If even Peter, James, and John -- who seem to have been Jesus’ most dependable followers and closest friends -- needed to be pulled away from the “business” of discipleship in the midst of life, why should we expect that our needs and our experience should be any different?

— Julie Adkins

Julie Adkins is a native Texan, born in New Braunfels (yes, she does speak German) and raised in San Antonio. Julie’s seminary degrees are from Princeton (M.Div. in preaching and worship) and McCormick (D.Min. in parish revitalization). She has served churches in San Antonio (University Pres., as interim pastor), San Angelo (St. Mark), New Braunfels (Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana), and Dallas (Trinity). 

 Image Credit: Mountain - Alaska's Denali
Creative Commons Image by blmiers2 on Flickr
Image Credit: Mountain Scenery
Creative Commons Image by Mathias Erhart on Flickr

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