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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Speaker Profile: Mary Hess


Mary E. Hess is Professor of Educational Leadership, and Chair of the Leadership Division at Luther Seminary, where she has taught since 2000.  She has a BA from Yale, an MTS from Harvard and a PHD from Boston College. She directed the Religious Education and Challenge of Media Culture Project prior to coming to Luther, and currently develops the Storyingfaith.org site. Her most recent books include Teaching Reflectively in Theological Contexts: Promises and Contradictions, and Engaging Technology in Theological Education.

She is a frequent contributor to the journal Religious Education.  She is the past president of the Religious Education Association, and a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America, the Association of Practical Theology, and the American Academy of Religion. She consults widely with US theological school faculties on topics of distributed learning and pedagogy, and has worked with both the Wabash Center and the Lexington Seminar. She has written the blog Tensegrities since early 2003 and is active in a variety of other digital venues.

Festival Schedule 

May 12th - 1:30pm - St. Paul's Lutheran and Roman Catholic Community of Faith - Workshop: Sharing Faith Digitally in the 21st Century

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