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"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Bishop Michael Curry Recap

Image Credit: Rev. Bonnie Wilcox, Used with Permission

Today at Westminster Presbyterian, Bishop Michael Curry spoke in both a lecture and a sermon. The image here captures the essence of his sermon today, proclaiming that "God uses a quake - a great one - to overcome the shaking ground of Good Friday. God still does this today, cracking open our Good Friday nightmares to bring forth our true selves." This proclamation began with a basis in Matthew 28. 

Throughout all of his preaching, Bishop Curry professed that "Jesus came to change the world." Sometimes this happens through a quake, breaking open our hearts for God's kingdom in our midst. 

He rightfully insisted God's coming into the world was not to simply leave it as it is, and that those who follow Jesus, who go against the status quo, are "often called crazy." Even Jesus was called crazy by his own family (Mark 3). He said, "Crazy is loving when everybody is hating...Crazy is getting up and going to church because God is God and you are not..." He challenged and encouraged the audience to be emboldened in their preaching and ministry by the God we know in Jesus Christ. 

"The mission of the church for 2,000 years has been to get Jesus under control...," Bishop Curry remarked, and we can't domesticate Jesus. Rather, we need to recognize that "In Jesus, we've got the Word walkin' around," who tells us: "Follow me and I will show you God's dream and it will overcome your [Good Friday] nightmare." 

We're people of God, led by the Spirit, who must know that "When the Word encounters the world, people go crazy, and something's gonna change." Our God is a God of Incarnation and Transfiguration who invites us all to be transformed and to join God in changing the world. 

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