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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Vendor Profile #4

Here are some more of the great vendors coming to the festival this year!

Womens' Spirit and Abiding Spirit

2014 marks 19 years in business. Thanks to you, we continue to grow. We strive to be your best source of women’s clergy garments in design, fabric and quality, as well as service. Our pledge is to provide you with striking, well-made robes and other garments and to keep you coming back to WomenSpirit for years to come. We are proud of our products, and we stand behind them completely. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

We made a big leap in 2010 and started Abiding Spirit. It is our fraternal branch, producing well designed robes and vestments for men. Please refer your male colleagues to abidingspirit.com for more information.

We love to hear from you! We listen and create new products from your input. Please keep your suggestions and comments coming. You can e-mail us from our contact page or click here: customerservice@womenspirit.com.

Spirit of Creation

Spiritual Artist Colleen Kwong

Colleen Kwong is an artist and ordained minister who brings her unique education and experience to the ceremonial potteryliturgical artwork, and workshops that she provides to the Midwest spiritual community, and beyond.

Colleen is currently serving as a hospice chaplain, and as Minister of Arts at Christ Church UCC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has served as Artist in Residence, teacher of culturally diverse design, pastor of churches, and leader of workshops and retreats.

She is a Graduate of Cornell College and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, she has also studied at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and Penland School. She received the “Best of Plein Air Painting” award at the 2010 Milwaukee Domes Art Festival.

Colleen welcomes creative opportunities, working with you to provide workshops and retreats on spirituality and the arts, and custom design work for your ceremonial setting.

“The Spirit of Creation celebrates the awareness of God already present.

The Spirit of Creation encourages freedom from the usual expectations.

The Spirit of Creation expresses faith born new every day, delight in every moment.”

Center for Progressive Renewal

The Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR) team assembled an unprecedented portfolio of leadership and church development resources that includes:

  • A proven process for assessing, recruiting, training and coaching church leaders, with more than 3,500 people engaged in the process.
  • A team of the nation’s best leadership and church development consultants, coaches and trainers dedicated to working with conferences and congregations across all denominations.
  • An online learning center offering seminary course work, workshops and more than two dozen webinars.
  • An innovative business management and executive skills program to equip church leaders with critical business skills.
  • A national database of more than 10,000 prospective church leaders representing more than 20 denominations.
  • The sixth annual National Church Leadership Institute, offering training to a record-breaking audience of church planters and renewal specialists.

We began our work in 2010 by establishing a solid foundation by developing the infrastructure, systems and programming needed to effectively recruit, train and coach church leaders and teaching them the skills to plant and renew churches. Today we have expanded nationally, partnering with seminaries and universities, developing innovative ways to train and equip church leaders.

This has been an amazing few years. The work has been rewarding, challenging and, at times, overwhelming. With a great, diverse and gifted board and staff, we are excited about what we will be able to do.

Thank you for the privilege to do this ministry.

Crosswind Music Ministries

Concerts, Retreats, and Worship Services - Bryan Sirchio
Since 1987, I have been engaged in what I call "Crosswind Music Ministries."  What this simply means is that I travel around the country offering concerts of my original material, helping to lead retreats of various kinds for youth and adults, and leading worship in a different church just about every Sunday morning.  My ministry takes me into churches of many different denominations and so my ministry crosses a lot of lines theologically, and I'm grateful for that.  Since I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a good 60% or so of my work unfolds in UCC circles, but I also really enjoy the many opportunities I have to work with Catholic Churches and Protestants of many different denominations.

I write songs for all ages and in a bunch of different musical styles, and use music as my primary teaching tool for communicating biblically based Christian messages.  I do lots of different things, depending on the age of the audience and the nature of the event in which I've been invited to participate.  My all-ages concerts usually involve a good deal of audience participation and a combination of funny, light-hearted material as well as more serious ballads and story songs.  I deal a lot with the biblical call to "do justice" in my music, and draw from my extensive work traveling and working in so-called "third world" countries in order to speak to the heart of issues of social justice.  But I'm not into laying guilt trips on people--it's much more about lovingly and joyfully responding to God's invitation to show compassion to those most in need, and to also ask why people are poor or marginalized in the first place.  I also sing and talk a lot about what it means to be in an ongoing relationship with God, and am sensitive to the fact that lots of folks are just trying to make it through the day or find some meaning in their lives.  In all of my ministry opportunities I try to be encourage people with the simple good news of God's unconditional love for them, and also challenge them (and myself!) to respond to this love by serving and loving others.

Folks are often quick to ask me what I charge for the various things I do.  I deliberately don't have set fees for my concerts, retreats, or worship services.  I do my best to be sensitive to the budget realities of groups I'm working with, and bend over backwards to make myself affordable, especially to smaller churches and organizations that often don't have funds to bring in outside programs.   So if you're interested in booking me for something, the best thing to do is to e-mail me or call me (toll free at 1-800-735-0850) and start a conversation.  The toughest part of all is usually finding open dates!



Making thoughts visible - custom designs of inspiration and hope

• expressive images of hand-lettered calligraphy using traditional and contemporary tools and materials

commission work ~~ for your one-of-a-kind special projects or events
products to order ~~ prints, matted and framed, canvas wraps, greeting cards, tempered glass trivets
websites ~~ view and/or purchase products at this site or at judy-dodds.artistwebsites.com/


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