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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Vendors Profile #3

Here are more vendors you can expect to see at the Festival of Homiletics 2014:

Augsburg Fortress: Spark House and Fortress Press

Welcome to Augsburg Fortress, the Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. As the ministry of publishing of the ELCA, we are dedicated to serving you with top quality Christian materials that communicate the Gospel, enhance faith, and enrich the life of the Church and the communities it serves. In turn, each purchase you make from us helps us to support your ministry. Unlike other publishers and church supply companies, Augsburg Fortress reinvests all profits made into the development of new quality ministry resources for the church. The result — a virtuous circle that encompasses both the needs of your church and the ability for Augsburg Fortress to provide you with resources to meet those needs.

Casual Priest

A friend of mine asked me to make appropriate vestments suitable for her to wear in the clergy, as she didn't feel comfortable wearing the traditional mens’ clergy shirt styles and sizes that were available at the time. I thought that a shirt seemed uncomfortable, so instead I designed a tailored jersey top with a close-fitted waist and clerical collar. She liked it and spread the news to her colleagues. 

In the spring of 2002 I showed a small collection to students at the Pastoral Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. It was well received and several orders were placed. I realized there was a need for well-fitted, tailored clothing designed especially for modern, female Church professionals. 

Clothing helps indicate who and what you are, so it is important to feel comfortable and confident in them in your daily work. I believe that for a woman, it is important to be able to express femininity as clergy in the Church, which historically was a patriarchal environment.

One might think it superficial for clerical workers to be interested in what they wear. On the contrary, I think that feeling secure and professional in one's clothing makes it easier to focus on one's work.

Interwoven Studio

Today's faith communities are changing in
worship style, chancel design, and intent. 
Interwoven's beautifully crafted, unique 
textiles bring a vibrant focus in the flow of 
worship as we move from season to season
witnessing and being a partner to change.

My paraments speak to the senses and stir 
the imagination creating a fullness of 
experience as we gather together in the 
presence of God. 

They beckon and welcome as we join for
worship then send us to serve in the world
around us with a silent benediction.

Interwoven creates paraments and wall
hangings for many spiritual spaces.  The 
ideas conveyed may reflect the seasons 
and colors of the year, various themes and 
other occasions. 

Wall hangings are also created for weddings, 
baptisms, communion, anniversaries, and 
other special events that would be enhanced 
by commissioned artwork. 

Color 4 the Journey

The Mission of Color 4 The Journey is...

  • To create fiber art to enhance worship, utilizing a variety of media and surface design techniques,
  • To bring a sense of hope and holiness to worshipping congregations
  • To affirm and celebrate the diversity of humankind

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