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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Festival Line-Up Recap

The Festival of Homiletics will begin in a little less than two months! Here is a recap of the speakers you can look forward to, as well as some of the highlights that Minneapolis has to offer! 


Check out this link for more information about each speaker

Barbara Brown Taylor

Mike Slaughter

Anna Carter Florence

Peter Rollins

Yvette Flunder

David Lose

John Bell

Lauren Winner

Walter Brueggemann

Karoline Lewis

Brian McLaren

Michael Curry

Craig Barnes

Angela Hancock

Grace Imathiu

Eric Elnes

Lillian Daniel

Luke Powery

Otis Moss III

Will Willimon

Anthony Bailey

Rolf Jacobson

Kevin Kling


Vendors Coming to the Festival


Check out Vendors Profile #1 and Vendors Profile #2




We are excited to welcome the Gospel Showcase and Tangled Blue, among other incredible musicians!



Minneapolis Highlights



Pay attention to these charities and the Minneapolis arts scene, among many other great things this city has to offer!

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