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"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Twelve Days of Christmas

INativitymage Credit: Nativity by Stephen Downes on Flickr

"...And so the Church gives us, not one, but twelve days as a kind of “second chance” on Christmas. Twelve days, to see behind the sense of obligation underlying love that each gift given represents .Twelve days, to realize how much we are loved by God. Twelve days, to appreciate how little we deserve that love. Twelve days, to comprehend that we have done nothing to earn that love. Twelve days, to believe that God loves us unconditionally. Twelve days, to revel in this good news of great joy. Twelve days, to understand what it is to worship Emmanuel, God with us. Twelve days, to feast on the joy of our redemption. Twelve days, to spread the word, as tidings of comfort and joy. Twelve days, to sing, with one accord, our praises to our heavenly Lord. Twelve days, to let the flames of love lead us to the joys of heaven. Twelve days, to comprehend how much we, each of us, are capable of giving and receiving the one gift that endures: love.” -Rev. Barrington Bates

Christmas has just begun. Live into these next twelve days in hope and in love, reclaiming the message that may have been lost in the hustle and bustle of the preceding weeks. Amen.

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