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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Speaker Profile: Peter Rollins

“That which we cannot speak of is the one thing about whom and to whom we must never stop speaking.”  -Peter Rollins, "How (Not) to Speak of God"


Peter Rollins is a widely sought after writer, lecturer, storyteller, and public speaker. He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is the founder of Ikon, a Belfast, faith group that has gained an international reputation for blending live music, visual imagery, soundscapes, theater, ritual, and reflection. He currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Rollins specializes in various aspects of continental philosophy, phenomenology and emerging church theology. He is currently a research associate with the Irish School of Ecumenics in Trinity College, Dublin.

Peter Rollins is a provocative writer, lecturer, storyteller and public speaker who have gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion and forming “churches” that preach the Good News that we can’t be satisfied, that life is difficult, and that we don’t know the secret. He is the author of How (Not) to Speak of God, where he argues that Christian faith is not simply able to make room for doubt, mystery and unknowing, but rather fundamentally embraces them.

Challenging the idea that faith concerns questions relating to belief Peter shows that an incendiary and irreligious reading of Christianity is possible: one that destroys the distinction between sacred and secular, blurs the lines between theism and atheism and sets aside questions regarding life after death to explore the possibility of a life before death. This approach has been christened “pyrotheology,” and aims at burning up the basic assumptions that both critics and advocates of religion hold concerning the life of faith. Peter gained his higher education from Queens University, Belfast and has earned degrees (with distinction) in Scholastic Philosophy (BA Hons), Political Theory (MA) and Post-Structural thought (PhD). He is the author of numerous books, including Insurrection: To Believe is Human; to Doubt, Divine and The Idolatry of God: Breaking our Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction.

Festival Schedule

He will be speaking on 5/22/2014 at 11:00am at Central Lutheran Church in a Lecture. He will also be speaking on 5/22/2014 at 1:30pm at Central Lutheran Church in worship. 

Additional Info

We are blessed to have Peter Rollins here as a speaker for the 2014 Festival of Homiletics. His honesty, integrity, and unique, profound approach to theology are incredible assets to learn from in preaching. 

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