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"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Highly regarded Author and Conference Speaker Carol Howard Merrit Coming to Nashville

“I love the mainline church, but more than my affection for any sort of denomination, I have this torrent of love for a new generation. Each time I hold a baby in my arms, pour the waters of baptism upon her head, I recall those words from Acts 2: "This promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away." As the water rolls onto the sleeves of my preaching robe, I renew my promise to the next generation. So the question of what will happen in the next twenty years exhilarates me and gives me endless energy.” – Carol Howard Merritt

Carol Howard Merritt

Carol Howard Merritt has been a pastor for 13 years, serving growing Presbyterian Churches in the swamps of Cajun Louisiana, a bayside village in Rhode Island, and in an urban neighborhood in D.C. She served as a pastor at Western Presbyterian Church, an intergenerational congregation in Washington, D.C. Western's deep commitment to serving the poor in the city has helped to initiate programs like Miriam's Kitchen, a social service program for the homeless which provides a hot, nutritious breakfast and dinner for over 200 men and women. She is the award-winning author of Tribal Church (Alban 2007) and Reframing Hope (Alban 2010). She has contributed to numerous books, websites, magazines, and journals. Alongside this site, Carol blogs regularly at Huffington Post, Augsburg Fortress's The Hardest Question, and Dukes Divinity's Faith and Leadership sites. Carol is a sought-after speaker. She hosts Unco (short for Unconference), open-space gatherings where participants support one another while dreaming about and planning for the future of the church.  And she co-hosts God Complex Radio, a podcast with Derrick Weston. Carol lives in Chattanooga, TN as a full-time writer and speaker. You can follow her on Twitter (@CarolHoward) or Facebook.

The Rev. Carol Howard Merritt recorded at the Seminary of theSouthwest during the 2012 Blandy Lecture series. 2/26/13


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