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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



NPR to Broadcast Tokens 2013 Festival of Homiletics Show!

TOKENS is part great music, part university lecture, part cultural analysis, and part good conversation, featuring Nashville’s finest musicians and songwriters, provocative interviews with best-selling authors, all mixed up with enough humor and satire to keep things ever lively.

We hope you will be able to join us as we welcome the Tokens to the 2013 Festival of Homiletics. NPR will be recording the show live to be broadcast at a later date! Come see the show that The Nashville Scene describes as a “grass-kicking shred-fest” that is a “huge success,” with “genre-bending creativity,” and The Tennessean calls “one of a kind,” and a “virtuoso ensemble.” Music critic Peter Cooper recently opined about the Tokens, “It’s amazing that [Tokens] has integrated music, humor and scholarship into something so seamlessly entertaining.” Other reviewers have called Tokens “spectacular,” “provocative,” and a “marvel.” Sojourners opined that “…if A Prairie Home Companion ever moved South and got religion—or at least went to divinity school—it might look a lot like TOKENS.” And fans describe Tokens as “UH-MAZING,” “awesome,” “unforgettable,” and “wow!” Be sure to check out the link to learn more about them!

Token: What is the Tokens Radio Show?

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