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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Spend an Evening with Barbara Brown Taylor

“...salvation is not something that happens only at the end of a person's life. Salvation happens every time someone with a key uses it to open a door he could lock instead.”  Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith 

Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor is the Butman Professor of Religion at Piedmont College in rural northeast Georgia. An Episcopal priest since 1984, she is the author of twelve books, including the New York Times bestseller An Altar in the World. Her first memoir, Leaving Church, met with widespread critical acclaim, winning a 2006 Author of the Year award from the Georgia Writers Association. Barbara lives with her husband on a working farm in the foothills of the Appalachians.

We are so fortunate to be welcoming Barbara Brown Taylor to the 2013 Festival of Homiletics. You are sure to come away inspired and motivated following an evening spent with one of the best known preachers in the United States.

Barabra BrownTaylor: Hard Times

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