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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"



Look Who's Joining us in 2017!

Check out the 2017 Festival of Homiletics Speaker line up:

- Anthony Bailey
- Nadia Bolz-Weber
- Barbara Brown Taylor
- Walter Brueggemann
- Amy Butler
- Anna Carter Florence
- Yvette Flunder
- Adam Hamilton
- Rev. Grace Imathiu
- The Rev. Micah Jackson
- Rolf Jacobson
- Karoline Lewis
- Jennifer Lord
- David Lose
- Alyce McKenzie
- Brian McLaren
- Otis Moss III
- Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
- Luke Powery
- Fr. Michael Renninger
- Bishop Craig Satterlee
- Matt Skinner
- Minton Sparks
- Raquel St. Clair Lettsome

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Karoline Lewis on Empowered Preaching

Karoline Lewis' powerful and thought-provoking lecture at PRUMC this morning offered preachers "Five Keys to Empowered Preaching." Lewis began with an overview of what prophets are before moving into these five keys. "Prophets in the Old Testament are truth-tellers," she said, "And prophets are only able to tell the future because they see the present reality and what will happen." People also don't want to hear the truth, and so being a prophet, a truth-teller, is difficult work. Further, in order

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Otis Moss III on "Homiletical DJs"

Otis Moss III's dynamic and imaginative lecture this afternoon at PRUMC encouraged preachers to dare to be "Homiletical DJs in a Post-Christian World." He suggested several ways preachers can learn from what makes a DJ great.

DJs mix music that's already produced to develop their own creation; they create something new from something old. DJs need to have an ear for all different kinds of sounds and music, and, Moss said, "A preacher needs to have an ear for sound, story, and sacred imagination.

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Anna Carter Florence on Poetry & Preaching

"Poets are a preacher's closest cousins," began Anna Carter Florence at PRUMC this morning. "Who else believes that words can change the world?" 

She went on to describe several ways preaching can learn from poetry, including that poetry gives preachers new ways to talk about what we do and it gives us ways to think about what we bring along to preaching. It helps us to learn new, creative approaches to describe our preaching and to use in our preparation.

Florence also warned against the tendency

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Liturgist Profile: Chris Henry

Pastor, Shallowford Presbyterian Church

Chris Henry grew up in North Carolina and has lived in Atlanta since 2004. He began his ministry at Shallowford Presbyterian Church in January of 2011. Chris is a graduate of Duke University and Columbia Theological Seminary. Upon graduation from seminary, Chris received five honors including the Wilds Book Prize, Columbia’s highest academic honor, and the Harvard A. Anderson Graduate Fellowship. Chris’ work has been published in the Christian

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