Kayaking at BdeMakaSka - Photo courtesy of Meet Minneapolis

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2019 Festival of Homiletics - Minneapolis

"Preaching as Moral Imagination"


Look Who's Joining Us for #Homiletics2018

Anthony Bailey
Craig Barnes
Eric Barreto
Walter Brueggemann
Geraldine Buckley
Mariann Budde
Diana Butler Bass
Anna Carter Florence
Sam Cruz
Maria Teresa Dávila
Ginger Gaines Cirelli
Cynthia Hale
Grace Imathiu
Rolf Jacobson
William H. Lamar IV
Jacqueline Lewis
Karoline Lewis
David Lose
Otis Moss III
Luke Powery
Richard Rohr
Matt Skinner
Shively Smith

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#Homiletics2017 Social Media Highlights

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Spiritual Borderlands and Scriptural Engagement: Thursday at #Homiletics2017

What does preaching at the borders really mean? Luke Powery got his audience thinking and singing about this very question as his voice filled the theater with spirituals. “Preaching a la the spirituals is a collective exorcism of individualism,” Powery declared. Preaching at the borders is reclaiming our singing voice as a community; singing out of the rubble of human existence, he avowed. The audience left affirmed of the viability of the practice of singing as a homiletical strategy

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#Homiletics2017 Thursday Social Media Highlights


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Evolving faith and the Empire: Wednesday at #Homiletics2017

“The Christian faith is evolving. It is always on the move.” Brian McLaren began his lecture Wednesday morning, May 17. Leading the audience through his thoughts on spiritual, theological and missional migration in our world McLaren reflected, “Maybe the problem is religion is organized for the wrong purposes.” For what purposes should the church, your church, be organized?

Over at Travis Park United Methodist Church, Bishop Yvette Flunder kept the audience on their feet with

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