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26th Festival of Homiletics - 2018 Washington, D.C.

"Preaching and Politics"

  • The Festival of Homiletics is a week-long conference that brings together top-notch preachers and professors of Homiletics to inspire a discourse about preaching, worship and culture.
  • Lectures and worship services are open only to paid participants to maintain adequate seating for all of our registered participants. Single day registration is available to accommodate spouses or visiting guests.
  • We will not be recording the workshops to create a safe space for personal interaction to take place. We will also not be recording Anna Carter Florence's lecture due to contractual obligations.
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"Welcome and acknowledgement of evening's sponsors: Reclaiming Jesus and Sojourners" by Dawn Alitz, Karoline Lewis

05/21/2018 6:20PM—Washington National Cathedral

Festival Welcome by Program Director, Karoline Lewis and Managing Director, Dawn Alitz

This evening is being partially sponsored by Reclaiming Jesus and Sojourners

Please join them at their event later in the week on your evening off.

Reclaiming Jesus Church Service and Candlelight Vigil to the White House

Thursday, May 24th, 7 p.m., National City Christian Church

5 Thomas Circle, Washington, DC 20005

We believe two things are at stake: the soul of the nation, and the integrity of faith. We believe the issues are more deeply theological than merely political or partisan. We believe it is a time for prayer and response, for contemplation and action. 

In this moment of political, moral, and theological crisis in America we are deeply concerned about the resurgence of white nationalism, racism, and xenophobia; misogyny; attacks on immigrants, refugees, and the poor; the regular purveying of falsehoods and consistent lying by the nation’s highest leaders; and moves toward autocratic political leadership and authoritarian rule. 

We invite you to join us for a service of prayer and gospel proclamation, followed by a procession to the White House and a silent prayerful candlelight vigil as a witness that the church will not be complicit, but faithful.

For more information about the Reclaiming Jesus declaration, and the Church Service and Candlelight Vigil taking place on Thursday evening at 7 p.m., please visit: www.reclaimingjesus.org.