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2014 Festival of Homiletics - "Preaching with Holy Imagination"



The 2014 Festival of Homiletics will be hosted by two churches both located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and representing vibrant faith communities. The main venue will be Central Lutheran, this is where registration check-in will take place as well as all evening activities. During the days of Tuesday-Thursday there will be concurrent events taking place at the two separate venues to allow you some options! The two churches are located conveniently close to one another to allow for easy movement between them as your schedule dictates.



Central Lutheran

333 12th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Please use the entrance at the rear of the church near the parking lot for registration check-in.

Westminster Presbyterian

1200 Marquette Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Brochure with Map

Please use the 12th & Marquette Entrance!