Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association is your go-to source for all things about the city. Their purpose is to promote the community of Minneapolis and surrounding area to visitors and help you maximize your trip to the city. They have provided the following links to help you plan your trip - so explore the many attributes of this fabulous destination!

  • Eat  - "With four distinct seasons and dozens of international culinary traditions, Minneapolis restaurants offer farm-to-table experiences you won't find anywhere else... Experience the flavors of Sweden, Germany and Poland -- or Somalia, Vietnam and Mexico. From fine Minneapolis restaurants to local fairs, you'll find a culture of locally-grown, globally-inspired foods that nourish body and soul." - Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association Map of Nicollet Mall - Restaurants
  • See - "The history, art, culture and beauty of Minneapolis are marvels that must be experienced rather than witnessed. Nature meets skyscrapers, blending together to create unique sights and attractions that can only be experienced in Minneapolis. Tour the city with a knowledgeable guide, or venture into an adventure of your own; either way, the life of this city will unfold before your eyes. In Minneapolis, spectators become participants, so get ready to immerse yourself in our culture." - Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association
  • Do - "World-class museums. Breathtaking architecture. More theater seats per capita than any U.S. city outside New York. Minneapolis has become a premier destination for arts lovers. Take in a show at the Guthrie Theater, one of the city's Tony Award-winning theaters. Discover new worlds at the The Science Museum of Minnesota. Take in the arias of Rossini at the Minnesota Opera. Or visit the Walker Art Center, hailed by Newsweek as "possibly the best contemporary art museum in the country." Minneapolis is your ticket to groundbreaking art, architecture and performing arts." - Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association
  • Sport & Outdoors - "We love the outdoors. It should be no surprise that we are the American Fitness Index’s “Fittest City in America.” Lakes galore, the most bike-friendly city in the nation, a park every six blocks and four professional sports teams guarantee that your visit to Minneapolis will be active." - Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Association