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2018 Festival of Homiletics - Washington, DC

"Preaching and Politics"



Speaker Line-Up

There are many incredible preachers coming to the 2016 Festival in Atlanta!

Joanna Adams

Anthony Bailey

Walter Brueggemann

Anna Carter Florence

Claudio Carvalhaes

Edgardo Colon-Emeric

Yvette Flunder

Teresa Fry Brown

Nora Gallager

Grace Imathiu

Rolf Jacobson

Karoline Lewis

David Lose

Joy J. Moore

Otis Moss III

Heidi Neumark

Julie Pennington Russell

Leonard Pitts

Fr. Michael Renninger

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Raphael G. Warnock

Will Willimon

Lauren Winner

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Workshop: MaryAnn McKibben Dana

Yesterday, MaryAnn McKibben Dana, assistant professor of homiletics and worship at Pittsburg Theological Seminary, offered a workshop titled, "The Word in a 140-Character World: Faithful Preaching in the Digital Age." She explored both the benefits and drawbacks of technology in our day, especially as it relates to the church and our communities of faith.

Early on she posed the question: "Are we lifting up community that forms online?" We will always need tangible, in-person community, but community

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Workshop: Andrew Foster Connors

Earlier today, Andrew Foster Connors, senior pastor of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, offered a workshop titled, "The Transformational Word: Building a Sermon that Agitates." 

Connors encouraged preachers to "build a sermon that agitates," not in the sense of barking at people every week, but rather bringing forth truths that need to be heard, and making public questions people are afraid to ask. 

He professed that wrestling has a place in a sermon, not just in crafting

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Speaker Profile: Matt Skinner


Matthew L. Skinner is Associate Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. Mostly recently he has written The Trial Narratives: Conflict, Power, and Identity in the New Testament(2010). He is the co-editor of Shaping the Scriptural Imagination: Truth, Meaning, and the Theological Interpretation of the Bible(2011). He also has contributed to a number of resources for pastors, teachers, and students, including The New Interpreter's Bible One Volume Commentary (2010), Feasting on the Word: Preaching

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Great Line-Up of Speakers at the 2015 Festival!

You won't want to miss the incredible preaching at the 2015 Festival of Homiletics in Denver! Here are just a few of the great speakers you can expect to hear: 

Anthony Bailey
Lead Minister, Parkdale United Church, Ottawa, Canada

Nadia Bolz-Weber
Founding Pastor, House for All Sinners and Saints, Denver

Anna Carter Florence
Peter Marshall Associate Professor of Preaching, Columbia Theological Seminary

Yvette Flunder
Founder and Lead Pastor of City Refuge UCC Church, San Francisco

Rolf Jacobson

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